How can iPhones help in fixing debt ceiling problem?

You must be astonished, and shocked as you are checking out the title. However, this is true, that the government is now thinking about using the iPhones as one of the solutions to the debt ceiling problem. The government is considering this option, because with the increase in the usage of the iPhones and iPads and the Smartphones and the other tablets, the usage of the mobile broadband has experienced a surge too.

iPhones and debt ceiling – What is so special?

Harry Reid, the leader of Senate Majority, has added on the sale of the wireless spectrum along with the program based on the spending cuts and also the revenue raisers. This is also supposed to be followed by an increase in the debt limit. On a recent basis, the usage of the data-intensive applications like those of the streaming movies and also music, the video conferencing calls, this idea on using iPhone to solve the debt ceiling mess has been able to gain some momentum. According to the reports, AT&T has been able to see an increase with regards to the volume used for mobile data by 8,000% within the first 4 years from when it started to sell the iPhones.

Still the situation is such that even the popular companies or providers like that of AT&T and also Verizon, is not having enough of the radio spectrum, which may help them meet the demand of the customers. This means that there is soon going to be a spectrum crunch. This is going to result in slow Internet speed, and more number of dropped calls. However, it has been seen that there is supposedly huge provender of un-utilized spectrum which is available, which is supposed to help with better and high-speed broadband. This is in general known as the broadcast television.

Over-the-air Television, like that of the wireless broadband, is said to use mainly the radio spectrum which helps with the propagation of the signals. However, unlike that of the wireless broadband, the demand with regards to the broadcast Television is said to be at the all-time low. As per reports, even lower than 10 percent of the households get the Television signals ‘over-the-air.’ The rest of the people rely mainly on cable, and satellite connections and the fiber. In addition, there is a mere number of only handful of such stations which may be utilizing the spectrum bands on a full basis, they have been able to draw during the transition of the digital Television.

So, there are plans to move this spectrum from Television to mobile broadband. This may be done through an incentive auction plans, and the Congress is supposed to provide the FCC authority so that they can hold the auctions and then hare the revenue with the broadcasters. The Congressional Budget Office has said that the money from this auction may help in reduction of the deficit by $6.5 billion.

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