Features & Specifications of IPhone 5

At last, there is confirmed news on the anticipating existence of iPhone 5 specifications and it could possibly be leaked out by the end of coming year as quite has been discussed on iPhone 5 features and specs so far in spite of the fact that there is no proof for any of it but the speculations are a result of some kind of research that everyone believe to expect with the iPhone 5 that is going to be released soon with the iPhone 5 specifications.

Unlike iPhone 4, there is no testing prototype that has been leaked out for this upcoming device and all we people have to do is to build speculation. However, there are certain clues on iPhone 5 specifications that can be mentioned like it will be equipped with a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen and a full display. However, people are expecting it with a normal iPhone 4 device but in fact it will be something with enhanced features and specifications. If we compare Apple and Samsung, Apple is going to use curved-glass form-factors that is a kind of prove that Apple will likely include this feature in new iPhone 5.

We could expect that iPhone 5 will grow as a big device as compared to the palm-friendly iPhone 4. There has been constant news on iPhone 5 rose by iPhone users as to the screen size and 4-inch display could possibly be an answer to this requirement. But the iPhone 5 Specifications could not only be a large display screen but the built of the whole phone. That will make it a bigger palm-friendly that will remain something unique.

Greater Resolution of iPhone 5:

Another powerful feature of iPhone 5 is the resolution that will be impressively built so far as this will be a kind of state-of-the-art resolution that everyone would like to purchase. With an increase size, this resolution could become a stronger feature for users who expect a perfect and brilliant video quality and experience. Right now there should be no super expectations on the features and specifications of iPhone 5 as it can be only a speculation not something based on solid grounds.

A Quad-Core Processor:

This feature, if it is included in iPhone 5 could mark a beginning in the world of mobile market and it can set a new competitions among other companies as they will also try to come up to the level of this feature. A dual-core processor for a smartphone is a chief thing these days and competitions between Android and Apple smartphones is due to the processing power that both of these devices have. The A5 has outshined most of Android-supporting processors but according to some reports, Apple is leading this race with a better-than-A6, quad-core processor. However, users also complain that iPhone 4 is sometimes lagging in resolution and speed, where as iPhone 5 of Apple could be equipped with a quad-core processor in its next iPhone.

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