Enjoy versatility of best Ipad 1 apps

Apple apps have been designed by the App Store and those who design iPad also design best Ipad 1 apps, while giving a power and versatility to these designs with a promise to do more than people have ever imagined.


First come apps of iMovie on the screen of iPad that is full of such features that help to edit fast and fun HD movies. The multi-touch precision editor enables you to control and make a perfect cut. You can edit multiple audio tracks in a waveform that helps you to see what you are hearing. There are many other features to discover that range from dynamic themes to HD sharing and that make iMovie an amazing experience on best Ipad 1 apps.


You can built a large multi touch screen by taking advantage of the GarageBand that will transform your iPad into a compact musical collection of instruments and recording studio that will further make it easy for you to create music anywhere. You can play a touch Instruments collection by using multi-touch signs on it. You can also produce a song on any inspiration moment with the help of an eight-track recording studio.


It is a fun to read on an iPad and you can do this by means of best Ipad 1 apps with bright text while turning pages with a flick. There is an additional feature of buying new books from the iBook store. You can just download free iBooks app to your ipad and get an instant start.

Keywords like iPad, iPhone, and iPod is enough to captivate you through various inspirational and smarter ways to share with others. It is coupled with iCloud to keep your presentations automatically up to date on all your iOS devices. So you can create, edit, and present anywhere you want.

You can organize your presentation with the help of slide navigator as it is shown in a thumbnail view of slides and you can flick them for browsing. You can drag them to reorder or even can make group related slides together. It is very easy to edit any object on a slide. Drag it from a corner to adjust the size, twist it to rotate and drag to move it. You can use the alignments to drop everything on the place you want it to be.

Apple templates:

Right from starting you can make beautiful words after choose from templates used for color styles. The color, fonts and backgrounds in all templates are perfectly synchronized and you can find the one of your choice to make it yours. Tap and start typing text and write your words while you can also add some graphics. Pages make you a writer one minute and a designer the next.

Amazing writing styles:

You can make your writing to look great with the default styles in all templates. But you can change these fonts and text alignments with tapping into the style panel and you can make titles, body, heading and captions to match your overall document.

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