How to delete Gmail messages on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

One of the most desirable features available in smart phones is that they offer you easy access to internet. Now, one can check their mails on the go. Looking at the increasing popularity of the smart phones almost all email engines have launched their applications for different platforms. Gmail is also one of them.

One can easily access their Gmail account on iPad, iPhone or the iPod touch using the Gmail app or the Google apps account. However, the only annoying factor is that when you delete any mail on any of the above listed device, Gmail will archive the email by default instead of moving it to the trash folder. Google has finally come up with a solution to the problem that enables you to synchronize your email account and delete the desired mails.

You just need to enable the Delete as Trash option in Google sync. Let us see how:

1. To begin with, browse to the URL link (Note: One can only access the Google Sync features if their Gmail account is setup as the Microsoft Exchange account.)
2. Once you browse to the link, you can find a list of all your iOS devices that are configured to use your Gmail account.
3. Click on the desired iOS device.
4. When you click on the device, a screen will pop up where you can see a few options. Click on the check box next to the Enable Delete Email as Trash option.
5. Click on the save button and you are done.

Enable delete as trash option

Now, when you delete any mail on the iOS device, the mail will be send to the trash folder instead of archives.


There is a difference between setting up your email account as a Gmail account and a Microsoft Exchange account. The deletion feature was already available in the Gmail account. Now, one would argue then what is the need of a Microsoft Exchange account and accessing Google sync that are only available through the exchange account. Apart from deletion, Google Sync also includes the push feature that enables you to receive emails on your iOS device as soon as they arrive in your inbox whereas the Gmail account synchronizes your device continuously at a set interval.

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