Complete A-Z technical specifications of the iPad 3

The iPad 3 is the latest among the many generations of Apple iPads. It has two models- one featuring only Wi- Fi and the other featuring both Cellular and Wi- Fi. It has a height of 241.2mm, a width of 185.7mm and a depth of 9.4mm. It weighs 652 g only.

The memory storage is variable and has three options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Besides this, it can also support external memory as well. The iPad 3 is known for its Retina Display. The display is 9.7 inch and is LED- backlit with a widescreen multi-touch, which means that it responds to simultaneous touches at different points on the screen. The technology employed is IPS technology. The resolution is 264 pixels for every inch and there is a coating that is both finger print resistant and oleophobic. It supports displays in multiple languages, allowing numerous characters at the same time.

The chip is A5X with dual- core and has a custom design. There are quad- core graphics and the chip is high performance. The connectivity is through Wi- Fi and through Bluetooth 4.0. The cellular model has Verizon and AT&T for carriers.

The camera of the iPad 3 is splendid. It is 5 megapixels with iSight. There is an autofocus as well as the option of tap focus. In still images, there is a face detection option too. The video recording is HD at 1080p and can take till 30 frames each second along with the audio. There os stabilization of video recording and a FaceTime Camera. Video and photo geotagging is also available.

There is a built- in battery with 42.5 watt hour. The type is a lithium polymer one that is rechargeable. It can last up to ten hours once charged. The charging can be done through a power adapter or through a USB cable connected to a PC. Input is through a connector port of 30- pin dock. There is a stereo head phone mini-jack of 3.5mm. The speaker is in- built with a microphone too. Sensing for input is by a Gyroscope, ambient light sensors and an accelerometer. Location is via a Digital compass and Wi- Fi. The cellular phone also has a GLONASS and assisted GPS for location.

The frequency response of the audio playback is between 20 and 20000 Hz. Various audio formats like MP3, MP3 VBR, AIFF, HE- AAC, WAV, etc are supported. The maximum limit of volume can be configured by the user. You can also buy a 5.1 surround sound of Dolby Digital separately with the device. Video Streaming is available too. Numerous video formats are supported by the iPad 3. Numerous document types such as jpg, doc, numbers, txt, vcf, xls, etc are there to select from for viewing documents. One of its key features is that it supports multiple languages, which helps it break all country and background barriers to expand its market worldwide. There are various built- in apps and amazing features that make the iPad 3 highly coveted.

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