Steps to jailbreak your iPad 2

Wish to jailbreak the iPad 2? It is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions. To develop software […]

IPad 3 vs. iPad 2

We all know almost everything about apple iPad 3 however the name. After Wednesday’s hour-plus-long launch event in Bay area, Apple CEO Tim Cookies and team […]

iPad2 Boasts with 512 MB of RAM

Apart from the RAM, Apple’s old iPad2, which the business unveiled at a party in San Francisco, shows with a management of improvements, such as an […]

iPad 2 prices drop before the release of iPad 3

With the rumors about the all new version of iPad i.e. the iPad 3 are spreading rapidly, one is completely doubtful about what will happen to […]

What’s new in iPad2?

A matter of only few inches Most rumors dealt with the design, cover, shape and various accessories of the new Apple product. The newest iPad model […]

Which is better??? APPLE IPAD or APPLE IPAD 2… Confused?

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Let us consider both the sides of the coin!! APPLE iPad : Advantages and Disadvantages

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Let us tell you something important about Apple iPad 2!!!

The powerful presentation of its feature makes it an envious possession. The tin and light design is no doubt an innovation and an advantage to the […]

9 very exciting new features of iPad 2

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iPad2 addresses previous iPad’s deficiencies

iPad2 addresses deficiencies in previous version of ipad.Yes,this is true and has been acepted without giving it a second thought. Analysts have also voted the same […]