Brookstone released Pocket projector case for iPhone 4 with large screen

With a lot of accessories, applications and software available in the market, the companies all over the world are still trying their best to showcase their products with interest and vigor. Yes, if you own the most popular and advanced iPhone 4 then you should be waiting for some fantastic news and startling releases. This time we are getting near to a case for the model and it will also work like a projector. Seems amazing but it is true that Brookstone has just unveiled a Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 gadget that will definitely improve your presentation by leaps and bounds.

There is no dearth of outstanding cases for the gadget this time which can be easily bought from the local market but this case depicts a different dimension in which advancements and innovation have done wonders to the show and appealing look of the handset. Also, the Pocket Projector is not the only and single case which is portable in the world rather you will find varieties and plenty of cases according to your preferences. But this case possibly is the best for large screen viewing and it will simply look more elegant and serene when we come to the beauty of the presentation.

The overall setting of the presentation with the help of this docking case is inherently very simple and comfortable as the case includes the projector itself. The inclusion of the LED-lamp of 15 Lumen has further resolved the quality problem which boasts of offering you a sharp, crisp and much better video quality on-roll with an excellent video resolution of 640 into 360 pixels. The video will be crisp and clean ranging up to 50 inches of distance. It is needless to say that with such quality and high profile projector case for the iPhone 4, you will get brilliant video presentation although your environment conditions play a vital and crucial role in determining the projector’s picture quality. Obviously, you will try to sit in a dark room with black backdrop in order to get a much better contrast ratio and powerful presentation.

The company has provided the Pocket Projector internally with the feature of battery charging with the use of USB cable. Nonetheless, this case also has got an excellent speaker to assure of the best audio quality while the presentation is on. So, what are the other benefits? Well, if you are running down on the battery side of your iPhone 4 models, you can simply get the backup from this excellent and versatile Pocket Projector. It is rather expected that it will be also compatible with the iPhone 4S Smartphone at the same time.

When consumers will own a Pocket Projector along with their handsets of such a high quality, you can opt for the tech savvy method to cater to your business needs, showing presentations in a business meeting or entertaining your kids in the leisure time. You can also create presentations at your own risks with the help of iCloud and Apple’s Keynote. A single unit will cost you nearly $229.99 and you can simply book your orders at Brookstone, with the shipment scheduled in the week of November 21.

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2 Responses to Brookstone released Pocket projector case for iPhone 4 with large screen

  1. john says:

    How can I make the Iphone4 brookstone projector work on my macbook air??? Is there a jack I could get to make this work? I want to use this projector with my macbook air instead of the phone..

    • Rahul says:

      One cannot connect the pocket projector for iphone 4 to their macbooks. however, there are Brookstone HDMI projectors available that can be connected to your macbooks.

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