Between iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a better phone?

Android is another sought after operating system & Samsung is one of the highly recommended smartphone brands where this works well enough in it, it becomes a phenomenon. So the popular brand launched their best smartphone where this operating system along with its updates would function at its optimum level, the Samsung Galaxy S3. But just as when this new smartphone came out in the market; there were positive & negative reviews about its specs & functions. And yes, they had their take on their newly offered best gadget there is. Now it’s our time to discuss without bias, between Iphone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a better phone?

To start off, let’s take a look at Samsung’s built claiming it the best among other phones because of its plastic river stone with anti- scratch screens features. But I must say that contrary to what they refer to as the “best” in built, Iphone 5 has the BEST built there is with its glass & aluminum monolith yet you can hardly feel it being heavy at all. And when you say size doesn’t matter, apparently size DOES matter unless you own big pocket jeans to slip your cellphone inside it. Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite incredibly huge with its 4.8 inches, 1280 x 720 screens. It makes Iphone 5 look a lot less small than its actual size. Iphone 5 on the other hand, has its newly expanded 4 inch, 1136 x 640 screens making it easy to handle & carry. Another plus for Iphone 5 is its IPS in- cell display which looks a lot better & sharper at 326ppi than Samsung Galaxy S3 at its 306ppi.

Performance is another key to having one exquisite smartphone & Iphone 5’s brand new Apple A6 processor has it. This is said to be twice as faster than the Apple A5 processor of last year. But to techy geeks, they are more in awe of Apple A6’s ARM Cortex A15- based processor. And to ordinary people, they would say Samsung’s 1.4 Ghz Exynos quad- core is just as good as Apple A6. When you look for a bigger storage, Apple, once again, has it all spacious for you with its 64GB while Samsung only has 32 GB. Although Samsung offers an extra micro SD storage up to 64 GB, there are still things to consider about removable media with its pros & cons. Still for me, isn’t quite as catchy as what Iphone 5 has to offer.

Camera is another thing to consider in smartphones & in Samsung Galaxy S3, with its 8 megapixel, f2.6 lens is just as good as Iphone 4S’ 8 megapizel, f2.4 lens. Therefore, you should expect a far better offer from Iphone 5’s camera specs, which is, obviously, still winning.

Talking about software, iOs is quite something to compare to Android. One famous application used by Apple, Siri is a lot more fun & so much better as it works. Google Now is more aggressive & sensitive in its predictions. But then, Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t out with the Google Now because it was released before Android 4.1 Jelly bean was out in the market. So this is one of the downsides of Android whereas Apple is more awesome since when it releases a new OS, every compatible Iphone can get it all in the same day it’s been released. So in a snap of a finger, your Iphone is quicker & smarter than any other smartphones. Apple has the edge when it comes to software updates compared to Samsung.

Speaking of accessibility, Iphone is always on the lead. Both Apple’s Safari & Samsung’s Google Chrome allows you to browse through your web pages. Both can access to emails in an instant, listen to music or watch videos just as easy. But when you speak of Apple’s iOS 6 you talk about it as one, in fact it is just one thing. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy S3 has two, the  Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich & Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is how you compare which you can use easily than the other. So then again, Iphone 5 is still for the win with it’s convenient use in the operating system it offers.

Iphone 5 has the iCloud that Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t. It practically backs up & syncs all your files which make it a lot easier. This is how you call Iphone 5 as SERVICEABLE. The great twist of Iphone 5 is that it can basically use any Google services just as a Samsung Galaxy S3. When it comes to problems with your Iphone 5, there are many Apple Stores & iCloud to always help you fix your smartphone easily & accessibly. Problems with syncing also come handy with an Iphone 5 & an iCloud you can get it all fixed in less than an hour. With this, nothing has come to match with the Apple & Iphone 5 yet. They’re still the best smartphone there is.

So still weighing the facts of both smartphones hot in the market? And between Iphone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a better phone? It has got to be Iphone 5 from its hardware, software, services & more you will never have the bad choice. It will serve you your needs in just a touch of the screen with its sleek & chic style. So stop thinking twice on which phone to get because you know you will always have that happy smile when you have a brand new Apple Iphone 5 with a speedy iOS 6.


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