Are you a movie buff?-Watch movie on your I-pad now

Are you a cinema lover or more particularly a movie aficionado? Are you missing your favourite sitcom while going on a long business tour? An Apple I-pad will come to your rescue. With a plethora of applications, now you can watch movies and television serials in most commodious manner. It is a world known fact that the Apple I-pad is one of the best products among its class. One can use it for listening music, internet surfing and other prominent applications too. The ability of i-phone to tune in movies and your favourite T.V. shows, give a whole new dimension to the world of entertainment.

One needs to take care about license while watching movie or T.V shows because it is a very important aspect of i-phone. If you have one for household telly, then you don’t need to get another one. But if you don’t have a T.V. at home, then just dial that application on your i-phone and explore it. If you wish to watch TV on any of your gadget, whether it is a PC, laptop, or any other gadget then you need to attain an official TV license.

However, there are various websites on the internet, where you can find your favourite shows through live streaming. Some of them which can be enjoyed on I-pad are as follows:

Television on I-pad:

BBC-iplayer: It is an application developed by the BBC international, where you can easily watch all the BBC channels in stunning HD quality. This application is available for free and known as official BBC iPlayer app. All you need to do is to search for it in the App Store for I-pad and just use it for free for a particular time period of seven days.

Some other channels like Channel 4 have also introduced the app of live streaming, named “4oD catch-up service” in the I-pad .Unlike the BBC app, it is available for a life time. There are also other websites like Few website offers total 50 channels among which you can use your favourite one. The only drawback with services offered is that it doesn’t offer an HD quality picture.

For sports fanatics, you can switch to the sports content provider like ESPN, Sky. Though, Sky is a better choice because they offer variety of channels. The Sky Mobile TV app offers different channels as sky sports, sky sports news and sky news. However, this application doesn’t come for free; it may cost you between $5 and $35 depending upon your subscription service.

Enjoy Movies and cinema in I-pad:

iTunes is the universal app for watching movie on any of your apple device. Connect to the web, and search for your favourite movies on web store. Films are available to buy or on rent basis. Rentals allow your selected movie to be on I-pad for 30 days. The quality is excellent as it offers an HD quality. However the cost of I-pad may be bit higher, ranging from $ 14 to buy and somewhere around $ 4 to rent one.

There are some cheaper options which are also available, one is that you can stream the movie which you already have on your PC directly to your I-pad via wi-fi. Synchronise the I-pad with an app called ‘Air Video’ and watch all your favourite movies on the go. It also saves the space on your disk. These are some of the universal applications available on I-pad, which can be used for the entertainment purpose worldwide.

So when next time, you are on a business trip, or jammed in a traffic or missing your favourite movie, TV show, you can just take out your I-pad or i-phone and enjoy.

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