Apple’s full-fledged marketing during the London Olympics

Introduction of 3 new Mac Ads during the opening ceremony:

Apple staged the debut for 3 new Mac ads at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics 2012. These ads featured an ‘Apple Genius’ who helps out a Mac owner seated on a plane, another one shows a wife as she is giving birth. The third ad featured an ‘Apple Genius’ informing a customer who was under the impression that he purchased a Mac that he actually bought a knock-off because it lacks an iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto.

These ads differ from the earlier ad campaigns in that they neither feature products nor mention any specific services offered by Apple. Instead of these, they provide hints to the training services that the Apple Retail stores provide. They also emphasize on the cool fact that every computer is not a Mac simply because it looks like one. These are also a departure from the usual ‘Get a Mac’ ad that features John Hodgman and Justin Long. These ads are stressing on the personal side of Apple’s services, as if making an attempt to humanize the brand, broadening it from just the confines of the products to the Apple ecosystem as a whole. They work on the personal services that the Apple Retail Stores have to offer, including the ‘One-to-One’ training and ‘Genius Bar’ services.

The Apple stores in London shall distribute iPad and iPhone Olympic pins:

For the Apple fans and customers present at London during the Olympics, there is a big surprise in the stores. This offer shall apply all through the two weeks of the Olympics. Apple has now brought out a series of 4 lapel pins to commemorate the London 2012 Olympics, displaying the UK flag instead of the screen of the white and black iPads and iPhones. These pins are being distributed attached to large cardboard sheets to make them appear like 5 iOS device flags that are hanging on the line, the center one being the real lapel pin.

The exact details of the pin distribution have not yet been confirmed but the rumors are that the Apple stores shall distribute them for free with supplies only on select days. It is also not clear so as to how extensive this distribution shall be as there are 6 Apple Retail stores just inside M25 motorway and a total of 33 stores all across the United Kingdom.

A similar promotion strategy was adopted by Apple in 2010 during the Winter Olympics held at Vancouver. Then, it had distributed iPad nano pins accompanied by the Canadian maple leaf at a single store and a pair of two pins having the maple leafs with the Apple logo at a store open there then. It presently has 4 stores in that area.

Apple has also tried a number of promotion strategies in the past and this is just one among those which will sweep all the others in the tech market off their feet.

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