Apple Mac Mini: The Award-Winning Economy Computer

Apple PCs are not previously known for their low price. They are, though, pretty generally lauded for their general performance and reliability. That is why the Apple Mac Mini is a Gold Award Winning Economy computer.


If ever a PC has lived up to its name, it is the Mac Mini. At mere 2 inches thick, 6.5 inches square and weighing less than three pounds it hardly seems like a real computer at all. But a real computer it is, certainly, with potentials that, just a very short time before would have appeared astoundingly futuristic. Today, it is not futuristic but is still a very proficient device that will convene many user’s needs well.

The feature list for the Mac Mini is pretty short contrasted to costly computers however that is to be expected in an economy category. Even at its modest price, the machine features an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU that operates at 2.26GHz. It is not at all long ago that it would be a progressive chip.

The other main performance requirement is the 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM of 2GB. Though pretty modest by today’s standards, it is still plenty of power for most applications that are not too graphics concentrated and it even puts down the room for a reputable amount of multi-tasking.

The Mac Mini sorts a slot reading SuperDrive CD/DVD burner and player. It has a liberal five USB 2. ports also and a FireWire 800 edge so linking to machines should be easy. Pretty strangely, it doesn’t have an HDMI edge for plugging in HDTV equipment that makes it less handy.

True, there is a DVI link so HDMI tools can be connected with an adapter. The connections panel also has an Ethernet port for internet links but the item also comes with high speed Wi-Fi 801.11n created for incorporation with a no wire network. It also included the Bluetooth connectivity which can be critical, especially if choosing to use Apple’s wireless keyboard and mouse.

Like other Macs, the Mac Mini comes with one year restricted warranty but complimentary telephone support is only covered for the first 90 days. 3 years of AppleCare is available for $149 but that is a lot to give especially if telephone support is the main reason for the option.

The Mac Minis actually a excellent tiny PC that we have been able to convince ourselves earns a place in the economy computer category. It is only with its support configuration that the cost allows inclusion here. Choosing just about any of the required options include quickly to the price. Still, the computer’s overall performance is excellent and its multi-tasking capabilities are admirable. It is a sure frontrunner for those on a financial plan who desire Apple functionality

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