Apple India to Stock Up MacBook Pro This Month

The whole thing you have seen and heard about the new MacBook doesn’t do it fairness until you have really used or seen it personally. This is Apple’s most ambitious MacBook Pro today and they have really delivered on their promise.

From the outside, it looks like a touchstone MacBook Pro on a diet. With the optical drive now out of the way and no 2.5 inch hard drive to inhabit space. Apple has managed to shave down the depth of the notebook significantly when contrasted to a standard MacBook Pro. It is still thicker than the MacBook Air but about similar as most UltraBooks like the Lenovo U300s. It’s so much lighter too at approximately 2.0kg which makes it one of the lightest 15-inch notebooks out there and the fact that you still get the unibody aluminum finish is a huge bonus.

The fit, finish and attention to detail is nothing short of radiant, which is what we have come to expect from Apple products. Disparate earlier MacBook Pro units, the recent MacBook Pro have you covered also on the connectivity front. Apple has done away with FireWire and in its place gone with USB 3.0 somewhat that was a long time pending. You get two of these on either side along with a full sized HDMI and two Thunderbolt ports.

The beauty of thunderbolts is that it is not limited to support one type of information as with the correct adapter, you can use it to connect Gigabit Ethernet ports, video capture devices, RAID arrays, external displays, and more. This new model also features their latest MagSafe 2 power connector suitable to the abridged space but you can still utilize your aged charger through an adapter.

The MacBook Pro Retina strangely does not feel overly huge although it is a 15 incher. Compared to the standard MacBook Pro, the Retina version could be also considered a rigid competition to UltraBooks, although they fail in two different segments.

The subsequent big change is the display. Retina Display is finally available on the MacBook and in order to keep a high enough pixel count. Apple has gone with a 2880 by 1800 resolution, which brings the count to 220ppi. This is less than the iPad’s 260ppi but since you will be using the notebook at a further distance than a tablet, it balances out.

The new notebook is not just a beauty makeover however as Apple has totally redone the internals as well. With all flash based storage, NVidia GT 650M, 8GB RAM, and Ivy Bridge, the notebook is incredibly fast. As a test, they tried opening every single application at the similar time, counting Aperture, and within seconds, everything was open and running in the background. If you are into heavy video or photo editing, the all flash storage is going to give you a boost controlling images and borders easily.

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