Apple earned $150 billion with the iPhone in the last 5 years

The Apple iPhone has earned a whopping $150 billion in the last 5 years for Apple. As Apple celebrates its fifth anniversary, it is said to have earned $150 billion cumulatively as per Strategy Analytics. This firm also estimates that Apple has shipped around 250 million iPhones all over the world during this period as well.

The iPhone has served as a wonderful way to generate profits and cash for Apple. As Apple reaches its fifth birthday, it tops its industry with having shipped at least one fourth of a billion iPhones all over the world altogether. Since it launch in June 29, it has made large profits over the years. The release of iPhone meant a lot not only for Apple but also for the mobile industry and a lot more. It brought forth the first of its kind touch screen for its interface, attracted a large number of customers and eyeballs, while expanding the market of smartphones beyond just the mobile professionals without much effort at all.

In the last five years, the iPhone has seen tremendous changes, which can now be called an entire makeover. It has become thinner, faster and has developed a voice of its own. There are warnings, however, that the coming years will not be as easy for the iPhone and for Apple. Mobile operators are expressing concerns regarding the high subsidies level that they have spent on iPhones. At the same time, Samsung has been catching up soon, upgrading itself to come at par with Apple, giving it strong competition.

Of late, shipments of Android phones are exceeding the shipments of iOS based devices. Samsung, on the basis of its Galaxy series, is presently shipping more smartphones than that of Apple. Apple’s growth in 2012 was only 89%, with a shipping of 35.1 million phones as compared to Samsung’s growth rate of 2675 in 2012, with a shipping of 42.2 million smartphones. This is an increase of 11.5 million from last year. Samsung’s latest smartphone, Galaxy S3, was released in the US on June 21 and was released earlier in 28 other countries. It has a high demand presently, with its availability being increased further to US Cellular, Verizon and AT&T from just Sprint and T-Mobile.

Apple made its iPhone available in US only via AT&T for many years, before expanding to Verizon and Sprint in 2011. Rumors say that the iPhone 5 shall be available even with US Cellular and T-Mobile. Apple has been having disputes over its patents with Samsung for Samsung having borrowed Apple’s ideas to a great extent. At the same time, Apple is learning a bit from Samsung too and is alleged to increase the size of its display in its next iPhone. The most important driver in the mobile industry is expected to be Long- Term Evolution (LTE) 4G connectivity, which is expected to double shipments of handsets in the year 2013. The iPhone 5 by Apple is being expected to balance the low sales of apple in the second half of 2012.

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