An estimation for prices of most awaited iPhone 5

The latest creation by Apple, iPhone 5 can hit the market anytime in October, 2011. With its releasing date coming closer, there are lots of things which you might to know about it in prior. With all the varied features, this iPhone will beat all the other previously introduced iPhone series and other smartphones of this and next generation. You would surely like to know about the price of this most awaited iPhone. Although, the prices have not been revealed till now by the Apple, but estimation can be easily made.

It would be easy to evaluate the iPhone 5 considering all its features, so that you may not only know the best features of this iPhone but also the difference which will make it best among the other iPhones and smartphones. With latest Apple IOS operating system, you can expect good speed without any interruption. This operating system is an upgraded version of the previously used systems of Apple iPad 2 and Apple iPhone 4G. The 8.0 megapixel camera of this iPhone makes it worthy enough to purchase it at a good price.

The design and look of the iPhone 5 is kept secret. The only thing which can be said about the design is that this iPhone will be sleeker than the previously launched iPhones or iPads. This would make it more pocket friendly and hence a very easy to carry gadget. This sleek design may not make your pocket look heavy but you would have to pay heavy for the sleek design.

Since there are all types of connectivity and additional features like Bluetooth, Gyroscope, GPS, Compass, Micro SIM card tray and volume control are provided with this iPhone, you can expect a complete touch from rest of the world at any point of time and from anywhere. All these features will surely cost you something but you would surely pay for them with a smile as they can solve most of your problems like carrying a laptop everywhere.

The handset would be available with a Li-Ion battery with standard specifications which will last for long hours and keep you connected. The back panel of the iPhone 5 will be scratch resistant and made of glass to give it an elegant look. Also, you will get a color choice between white and black to set your style statement among other people.

The tentative price of the iPhone 5 may be anything between INR 40,000/- to INR 45,000/- as per the experts. Since the prices will be revealed only after the launch of the set, only estimation can be made at this time. This estimation is based on the prices of previous gadgets created by the Apple Co. delay in launch may also affect the prices of this super gadget and you may have to avail it at a higher price.

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