Advance Features and Apple IPhone 4 Specs

Initially, the first reaction on the announcement of iPhone 4 specs was dull with the expectation that it would be an old phone with no such improvements as people expect, but it turns out to be outstanding device with the increments and unveiling a mind blowing exterior features with anti-gravity.

Apple has always won the competition of tech bloggers and business building phones and iPhone 4 was unchanged with the release of zillion Android smartphone models and has been the best-selling smartphone constantly all over the mobile markets in the world.

With the publicity of iPhone 4 specs, it has become more advanced in every respect and it gives a successful look of the new iPhone 4 coming with a dramatically improved dual-core processing speed and an upgraded camera with some new technologies. It has a classic look that is updated with my iPhone designs that is simply perfect and immaculate without a single grain that feels it as having a low quality. The iPhone 4 look as the most expensive electric razor with a fine tune luxury watch in it.

There is an eye-popping pixel screen that has been introduced with the release of iPhone 4 specs and it has got a 326 pixels screen resolution per inch that means that a human eye cannot catch the difference of individual pixels with a marvelous result. Reading text with a high-definition videos and photos display details is all about iPhone 4 specs.

It has a micro-SIM card slot placed on the right side. It comes with extremely accurate cases designed for the original iPhone 4 specifically and is slightly shifted on the GSM iPhone 4 so that it is no troublesome for the users. Thus, on the front cover, there is a VGA-quality camera that is designed for video chat through Apple FaceTime technology or other apps like Skype or Google. This is not altered in iPhone 4 specs.

AT&T iPhone 4:

If you pay attention to the details then you will come to know about the differences between the GSM (AT&T) iPhone 4 and Verizon IPhone 4. It is designed with detectives and black lines that are symmetrically drawn on both sides of the phone to indicate that the phone is not a GSM. So, if you don’t find a micro-SIM slot on the right side, it is evident that your iPhone 4 is a CDMA format.

Finally, there comes discussion on the antennas. Apple iPhone 4 has been completely redesigned with antennas as the phone keeps on assessing the quality of connection to the cellular network constantly and it dynamically switches between two antennas, which are embedded with outer metallic rings.

People went crazy with the hit of iPhone 4 in the stores as it is a much faster smartphone with a long battery life and additional features. This is a big different though as the pixel count of iPhone 4 with dual camera features are iPhone models that are the best phones for video calling on the market.

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