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Hi, I am Rahul Parikh. I am no techno geek or a software engineer but that has not affected my passion for technology. I have always been passionate about different kind of technologies and always make a sincere effort to learn about them as much as possible.

I am in complete awe of Apple products. I believe that Apple’s iPhone and iPad are an excellent piece of technology. Apple’s iPhone is believed to have brought a new revolution in the smart phone industry. As if that was not enough, Apple’s iPad completely swept me off from my feet. I have been closely following the products, their technology and their development. So, I decided to share my knowledge with my friends and hence I started this blog. This blog is my sincere effort to share my passion for the products with millions out there. I hope you will like it and appreciate it.

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s a great info-website. It’s very informative and you can find here everything you want to know about iPhones & iPads. Not just that you will also find it very enjoyable to read!

  2. DHIREN NAYAK says:

    thats what passion all about great work rahul go ahead though u r nt techno person but still such a great covverage good yaaar keeep it up

  3. liz says:

    i have deleted all my e-mails and messages on my iphone5. if i go into search web and look for any web page all my deleted e-mails and messages are there. how can i delete them totally from my iphone.

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