A highlight on the advantages and disadvantages of iphone5

This review is all about the advantages and disadvantages of iphone5 launched by the Apple Company, speaking of some special traits of this product also.

Evidently, this is natural for anyone knowing nothing about technology to appreciate iphone5, the newly launched product of the Apple; this product may prove to be praiseworthy in every respect for the ordinary customers, but those, who are habituated to using various technologies or rather it should be said are acquainted to the different features as well as uses of technologies, should not approve iphone5 of the Apple.

Accordingly, this product is nothing special in its features and uses, rather it is quite as same as the previously launched products of the Apple, like that of the iphone4 model.

This review highlights upon the fact that iphone 5 is not a revolution bringing product that can lead a new way to the development of the mobile technology, though it is the best product which one can be glad to purchase. Having the 16:9 featured ratio for the sake of high definition video, iphone5 of the Apple, with its bright and luxurious look, grabs the buyers. But there is the drawback of this product that its screen should have been larger. The users of this product may find some black spots at the edge of the screen while opening for other web applications.

This new product of the Apple is eighteen percent thinner and twenty percent lighter than the previously launched product of the Apple. But this soft skill of this product does not attract the users that it does not provide advantages as that of the previous product, but it provides a faster response to opening the web applications.

This product is linked with that of the zippy web browsing facility. There is the facility known as LTE, which is best recognized as mobile technology. Moreover, this iphone5 is preloaded with the new version of Siri, the voice activated personal assistant providing information regarding sports, movies, and directions etc.

There are some complaints that iphone5 is full of the limitations regarding the field of Siri, which is not helpful in time saving, and it should be mentioned too that it sometimes makes mistakes related to the spellings of the words of particular in use. Ranging between the cost of seven hundred dollars and nine hundred dollars, this iphone5 is slower in connection also; it should have been faster than that of the other Apple products, specially the previous one, that is, iphone4. Many of the parts of iphone5 do not work efficiently like that of the previous product. With all its faults, iphone5 stands better for its various qualities, like the pocket-sized computer, operating efficiently, and permitting the user to open browsers and enjoy games and movies, allowing taking excellent videos and photos as well as phone calls. This is really awesome.


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    Hi there, I thought the new apple Iphone 5 is really good, but are their facts and figures for the new Iphone 5??

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