9 very exciting new features of iPad 2

The new apple ipad 2 has got a front facing camera. There was much need for upgrading the apple ipad with one of the most valuable thing that was missing in it. It has got a front facing camera as well. It helps to take a picture or capture video and your phone.

It is lighter and thinner than the apple ipad. It is 33 percent thinner than the first iPad. It’s also shed some pounds. The new iPad—the WiFi only version—is 1.3 pounds compared to the first generation, which is 1.6 pounds.

It is twice as fast, to be exact. And that’s thanks to the dual-core A5 processor. As long as video loading is faster, I am not bothered whether it’s powered by a dual-core processor or 5-hour Energy. Apple ipad 2 colour is black or white, unlike the black and white cookie. It also supports two networks. You can switch over AT and T. Verizon is also available on the iPad 2.

It can connect to external hardware device. There is a facility of HDMI video output (with resolution up to 1080p) for the times you want to hook up your iPad 2 to an HDTV and view that killer new app on a larger screen. Just in time for the iPad 2, Apple released iOS 4.3. So it has got a new processor as well. Not to mention it has got a new cover which is quite different and has got variations.

The price of the ipad 2 is also the same. Coming to wireless technology and Wi-Fi supports, every ipad 2 is built with advanced 802.11 n wireless technology. The ipad 2 has feature that automatically finds Wi-Fi networks, which is fastest to join. ipad 2 is using the 3G connectivity and is competent enough with the latest broadband technology as 3G gives the fast speed internet service if you are not using the Wi-Fi.

The display of the ipad is 9.7 inches screen with which you can watch high-resolution photos, films, web-pages, books and more. Ipad 2 has LED backlight display which makes everything you see bright and colourful even when you are exposed to low light. It uses IPS technology (in-plane switching) which gives it a wide 178 degree viewing angles so that everyone gets a brilliant view. With the Multi-Touch technology , surfing the web, typing an email, reading books, swiping through photos and switching between applications is easier and a lot of fun to do. It takes no time to handle the touch with its smooth sensitive touch screen.

Better design, better finish and better application, the ipad 2 seems to be far more superior to the ipad before and has got every reason to envy for.

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