2013’s Most Anticipated Iphone Apps

2013 is going to be a huge year in Apple’s App market. This year’s batch is full of innovation and unique ideas that can make life easier, or even just a little bit more enjoyable.

For those who enjoy gaming on their IPhone, this year the hit law series starring “Phoenix Write” will finally come to iOS devices. “Ace Attorney HD” will be a collection of the first three games that were originally only available on the Nintendo DS. So for anyone who enjoys a mental stimulation or just some plain fun, this is one to look into

One very talked about app has come out in 2013 to make your life a little bit easier. The app is called “Mailbox” and its intent is to focus and streamline the usual clutter and to nail down solid controls for perusing your inbox. This app lets you archive messages, swipe through your inbox with ease, and basically enhances the email experience on a smart phone. It is a must have app for any IPhone user.

For people who enjoy playing on their IPhone when bored or just because, then the sequel to the hit game “Temple Run” is here in 2013. “Temple Run 2” uses the same formula as the first, but a redesigned level generator and new obstacles as well as upgrades has revitalized the game and made it even better than before. It is easy to start up and have a good time anywhere, and it takes little commitment if you are late for a meeting and have to turn it off.

Are social apps more your speed? If so the dating website OKCupid is putting out its own app to streamline the dating process. “Crazy Blind Date by OKCupid” is an app that takes the spirit of its web parent, but scales it down to a simpler romantic solution. After putting in a time and place, the app then checks if there are any other users in the area who would be up for an impromptu speed date. Very quick and very fast, but in today’s day and age, maybe that is what it takes to find love.

2013 is a year of big app releases and there are hundreds more that I haven’t mentioned that deserve recognition, but if you’re unsure of what apps to get, these four won’t do you wrong.

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