10 sure- shot features in the new iPhone 5

As the release date of the iPhone 5 draws near, the fever of Apple fans is soaring to its heights. There has been a lot of guessing about the features that the iPhone 5 will have in order to seep the other smart phones competing with it off their feet. Some of the features that are almost decided are;

Bigger display: Apple is expected to have a display of over 4” in the iPhone 5. This is larger than that of its latest iPhone 4S and will give it good competition with other companies that have switched to bigger displays too.

Near field communication: Near field communication is an entirely new feature. It shall allow its users to clear their mobile payments using their smartphones and thus increase the functionality of the iPhone greatly. It is a fairly new concept as of now.

Improved Siri Voice Assistant: Apple is working on its Siri Voice assistant to upgrade it and make it more appealing. You can surely expect an improved Siri in the latest iPhone.

iOS 6: As is the trend, Apple produces a more developed version of its iOS with every new iPhone. With the iPhone 5, there is expected to be a new iOS 6, which is said to manage files better and enhance productivity. This will be a great new feature.

Fresh Design: Rumors are that the design of the fifth generation iPhone will be fresh and different form the other iPhones. This is expected to have many more updates and upgrades as compared to its predecessors. It is like signing off the iPhones with a design that shall be fresh, unique and nice.

4G connectivity: The 4G LTE connectivity used in the iPad 3 is also expected in the iPhone 5 for its ultra speed and efficacy. 4G LTE is the new trend and hope of wireless communication and Apple does not want anything but the latest.

No shattering glass: The last few iPhones had glass finish that though nice to look at, was highly prone to being shattered. When shattered, the phone looks ugly and is rendered useless. Apple is expected to use Gorilla Glass in the latest iPhone and have an aluminum back plate. This is one feature that fans are really looking forward to.

Size Constant: Even thought the size of the screen is expected to get larger, the size of the device itself is not expected to change. The current size is just perfect for portability and fits snugly into one’s hands and pockets. This comfort is not worth a sacrifice for sure. The latest iPhone is expected to grow a bit taller though.

Improved camera: iPhone cameras are world renowned for their quality. Apple is just planning to make it even better. It is expected to be 8MP and shall have some exclusive photo snapping features. It is expected to go full HD as well.

Increased storage: iPhone 5 is expected to bring greater storage with it. It has realized the need of its users and shall have at least 32GB of storage space.

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