10 Features That No One Else Can Offer, But iPhone Can:

Apple introduces new versions of iPhone, every year, with many advance features. The fifth generation iPhone is the next member of iPhone’s family, which is expected to be launched at the end of this year. It is expected to offer those features that are not offered by its predecessors. This fact has made it the most wanted product of the year.

Although, Apple has not officially disclosed any story about the features of the product, but yet, many writers, analysts, bloggers and other related people have mentioned stories and rumors about iPhone 5. The 10 top most fantastic features that are expected to be present in the fifth generation iPhone are mentioned here. This will help the customers to decide whether to wait for the new baby of Apple or to go for the other smartphone.

1. Built in IR: Customers can attach the IR dongle to use the phone as the remote controller. This will let the customers enjoy TV, AC and other electronic device by operating from a single phone.

2. HD output: It is expected that the new iPhone will increase the HD output and videos of 720p or 1080i can be viewed over the new phone.

3. Biometric Security: The new phone will allow the customers to just swap the finger for unlocking the password secured phone. They will not be required to enter the passwords.

4. Removable Battery: iPhone is hoping to introduce the removable batteries of the phone. So, that the users can enjoy more than one battery and can avail the more battery timings.

5. RFID: Apple is keen to introduce the integrated radio frequency identification in the phone. This will act as the bar code reader and will let the phone to be used as the key of the car and as a payment device.

6. Additional memory: Although the internal memory of the phone is quite enough for storing the data. Yet, customers can extend the storage memory by inserting the memory cards to the phone. The external memory can be up to 64 GB, which is sufficient enough to store almost every data of the customers.

7. Home screen: It is expected that new iPhone 5 will be having customized home screen, which will allow the customers t modify according to their wants. The screen will be serving as a real dashboard.

8. Improved cloud computing support: It is expected that the clod computing system of the phone will be much better and improved than the other smartphones.

9. Processor: The iPhone 5 is predictable to have the 1.5 GHz A4 processor. This will give unmatchable speed to the phone.

10. Network: It is predicted that the phone will be running over the 4G network and it will be having the iOS 5 software. This will proof to be something that have never used before.

With all the above mentioned features, people are crazily waiting for the masterpiece of Apple. The launch countdown has already begun. Only, the potential customers are required to do is, to gather the money and cross their fingers for the multi-featured smart phone that will soon be in their hands.

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