10 Contributions made by the iPhone to the mobile market

Apple, the creator of the iPhone, has seen 5 years of iPhones now. During these 5 years, it has climbed the tech market ladder to become the top smart phone maker today. With this gadget, it revolutionized the mobile market quite effectively. The contributions of Apple are worth celebrating indeed. Some of its most notable contributions are as follows :

Touch screens: The iPhone brought the touch screen to the fore front in the mobile market. This is because those preceding it were unresponsive and lacked quality. Apple filled in these gaps to make the touch screen efficient and user friendly. It lay a base for improvement and the popularity of the touch screen can be attributed to Apple.

A new paradigm of ideas: Even after the launch of the iPhone, IT companies did not consider bringing Apple products into their offices. The iPhone changed this scene due to its corporate friendly features. Today, IT companies love using Apple products in their offices. The staff enjoys this too.

Design: The design of the devices before the iPhone was overwhelming. Apple shifted the focus of devices to design, which succeeded in improving the feel and look of the presently available mobile devices. No company but Apple was capable of this huge a task.

Only Smartphone: Before the iPhone was launched, most mobile users did not prefer smartphones. This is because they did not use the internet as frequently. Since the popularity of the internet rose, so did the adoption of smartphones. Mobile phones with only basic features are dying down today.

Many devices in households: Having a mobile phone in a household was considered a luxury five years ago. A single device was shared by an entire family. The iPhone design added a personal touch to mobile device, which allowed for multiple devices in every household. This has tremendously helped Apple and its carrier partners.

Cottage industry of the developers: When Apple launched its App Store, it gave birth to a potential industry which was based on developing mobile applications for their products. Developers today can work from their houses to create entire businesses from their apps.

Personal media devices died out: Personal media devices like the iPod was a hot favorite before the iPhone was launched. As the iPhone integrated music with itself, the devices like the iPod gradually lost popularity.

Tablets: The iPhone goaded companies to wonder about the use of the touch screen for devices other than smartphones. The iPad began an era of tablets soon after its success with the iPhones.

New communication media: Apple introduced changes in the use of existing means of communication- video, text and talk. Its iMessage fell along these lines. FaceTime changed the way video chat worked. Apple thus updated the old means of communications. Users have responded favorably to these changes.

Entertainment options: The quality of videos, music and games prior to the iPhones was not great. Entertainment was mainly restricted to computers and living rooms. Apple’s iPhones revolutionized entertainment positively. People now rely on their mobile devices for entertainment.

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